Sunday, October 9, 2016

Busy work

Once Bruce is in harvest mode, it's hard to get him to relax so when both beans and corn were too wet to continue harvest, he decided we could put up the electric fence on the north side of the pond field.

It was a beautiful day and the dogs love an outing with their camo gear on, Murphy was getting pretty pooped by this time.

Bruce drives along the fence with the wire winder unrolling the white tape....

....sometimes having to stop and remove those pesky mulberry trees that grow up. I went over later and put Tordon on the stumps to keep them from coming back but there will be a whole new crop next year when the birds sit on the fence and poop out mulberry seeds, sigh.

I drove the gator along behind, fastening the tape to the fence insulators, something I could do from my seat but sometimes it was a s-t-r-e-t-c-h!

The pile of mulberry trimmings grow and grow, I wondered if there would even be room for them all.

It didn't take long for that fence and then the dogs and I were free to go, they love to check out things at the pond, we stopped to see this huge old cottonwood that fell into the very first pond that Leo made. Bruce doesn't know how he would ever get this out, I guess it's good habitat for the fish.

The dogs spied another fallen tree and had to investigate, Leo said these trees were big when he was a kid so they have to be a couple of centuries old.

After that fun outing, we went to the farm to hunt rats, it was successful when Mollie caught a big one but she paid the price with a nasty bite on her nose. It only makes the dogs hate them more.

After that bit of exercise, Zoe and I settled into the gazebo for some reading and a nap, until.....

.....a terribly itchy foot woke her up....

....and she dug around in between her toes before finally eradicating it.


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  1. I love how you always have a smile on your are a true inspiration !! Love you !!! Oh and Zoe is too cute !! :-)