Saturday, October 29, 2016

Oh, it's SO good to be home again!

I was only in Omaha for three days but it seemed a lot longer despite the company and a constant parade of medical personal in and out of my room. But I can't overstate the excellent care, we are very lucky to be at the Ne. Med Center. Sue stayed over Thursday night with her sister and took me home Friday to their house in Sioux City where Bruce picked me up at 8 PM. We both so appreciated that because he was free to continue harvesting. The weather is not being cooperative, mornings are damp and foggy so until it clears out, they can't go.

I had to sit with Mollie for several minutes while she cried out her happiness that I really came did come back, leave it to a dog to celebrate a homecoming. Zoe was nuts, racing around the house and finally cornering 2 small mice in the upstairs bathroom that Bruce dispatched, before crawling in bed with me. Clyde was pretty low key but he produced a dead mouse this morning downstairs for Bruce to find and congratulate him. You gotta love fall in an old house.

I slept so good, there is nothing like your own bed cuddled up by my loving hubby. We had to run for parts this morning and calf vaccine for a sickly bovine, now just waiting for a meatloaf to cook for dinner. Food doesn't taste that good but I have to try and Bruce still needs to eat.

I thought I'd show off the t-shirt that Rosanne bought me for Halloween, I had to read it a couple of times before I burst out laughing. I'm also debuting my hair re-growth because it won't be here long after the massive doses of chemo.

Hair today, gone tomorrow.

But I still love all my chemo caps from Alex, they keep this noggin toasty warm, especially at night. Everyone else loves them, she could have a cottage industry there.


  1. Welcome Home Girlfriend!!! Love the shirt (yeah, I had to read it a couple times before it clicked with me--don't think I can even blame that on old age!). Love the (straight) hair!!! Keep kickin lymph-ASS!!!! Love ya...

  2. well don't YOU look GOOD!!! honey....your homecoming sounded so welcoming. Dog, cats, husband - plus just being back in your little piece of paradise where you all live. I can just feel your happiness. Seeing your beautiful, smiling face look back at me, is such a joy Julie!! We love you; have dear Brucie give you a big hug from us both!! CG and Tom (oh I forgot - LOVE the shirt!!)

  3. So glad you are are right nothing makes you feel better than cuddling in your own bed. It is such a comforting feeling. Oh Mollie.....she missed you so much, and what a comfort for you to hug her. Rest easy and like Becky says kick some butt !!! Love the shirt !!!

    Love you, Kim

  4. Tom figured out the shirt before I did, LOVE IT. But I think you look cute, short hair and all. And I agree, I think Alex could start an entire business with those caps. Just one person after the next would comment on liking the caps up at the hospital.

  5. I happen to love the short hair look on you!!!! and the shirt..... is perfect! hahaha!! Stay strong! Spece spece bida ba!!!! (danish for eat eat little child) Love you!