Wednesday, October 12, 2016

2016 calving is in the books - Finally!

As of Monday, the calving season is over, #40 finally produced a calf, she was the subject of many discussions like this.

"Did #40 ever have her calf?"


"Is #40 going to have a calf?"

"Who knows!"

Bruce came in for dinner and said he saw her on the hill by our house and saw a little black bundle so I took the camera out to chronicle the blessed event. #40 had crossed the creek and was with the cows down by the feedbunks but as soon as she saw me tiptoeing toward her baby, here she came.

Then the entire herd got in on it...

...she called in back up with 4 of her best friends.

She was not happy and the picture is terribly out of focus, but she is still on the other side of the creek.

Here is the baby, I didn't get too close because I didn't want the little fella to jump up and possibly go into the creek.

I sat on the hill for awhile, hoping his mother would come across but she was busy getting advice from the other cows.

With the schedule she has kept the last two years, she will probably get bred next spring with the rest of the cows, thus having 2 calves in 3 years.

She better shape up or will find herself on a truck out of here, the slacker.

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