Thursday, September 29, 2016

♫You picked a Fine Time to leave me, Loose Wheel....♫

This is not what you want to happen to hauling two loads of beans to town. (But Grassy and I were both relieved it happened to Bruce, not one of us.)

Somehow 5 of the 6 bolts that fasten this tire to the hub, were gone, one brave little soldier tried to hold it all together. He made it all the way to town but when he drove off the gravel onto the pavement, the last one gave way and the tire fell off. Bruce didn't realize it until he drove onto the scale and Kyle said, "Hey, you're missing a tire!" About that time, Duvall drove up with the errant tire in the back of his pickup and told Bruce he could buy it for $50.

I was having a lazy morning when the phone rang, "I need some help, a wheel fell off the wagon, bring the pickup." At home we loaded everything he thought he might need, a jack, blocks, wrenches, socket set, hand cleaner, towels and water, then back to Cleghorn to take the hub off. We took it to Marcus to see if Yogi could help fix it.

 Yogi to the rescue, he found 6 bolts that fit the hub and returned to Cleghorn to repair the damage, of course there was a lot of interest from other farmers since we were sitting right smack in the middle of all the traffic, even a few offers of help and a lot of sympathy.

After about an hour, Bruce had the wheel back on and was on his way to dump the loads.

We are always reminded that it could have been worse, it could have happened out on the gravel, perhaps dumping the wagon. We've had that happen and it's not fun, vaccing grain out of the ditch.

So all in all, the harvest Gods are smiling on us, we hope it continues.

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