Monday, September 26, 2016

Let the harvest begin!

After weeks of rain, combining beans has begun, it's rather hit and miss here, trying to find the dry beans and it's not easy. It looks like a drunken sailor on shore leave with a stolen combine.

"Let's (hick) drive up this hill.)

"I think I will go around this clump (hick) and move on around the field."

"How about a swath (hick) through this part of the field?"

This is a shot from the top of the wagon, showing the patchwork field, we had heavy rain shortly after planting which washed out a lot of newly planted beans. The fields had to dry out before Bruce could replant so those beans are later and still green.

This is Bruce's third day of combining and it's going well, despite another 1/2" rain Sat night.

Bruce worked on a bent hitch on the small Demco wagon, leaving a film of soot from the torch, the raccoons had a party one night and were playing on the hitch.

I hauled a couple loads to town but had a board meeting tonight so Grassy came to the rescue and took the last load in.

The neighbor's are also combining, see their neat and tidy field? 


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  1. We were wondering if Bruce would be out combining. We saw a farmer with a wagon of corn this afternoon. And as we walked tonight we could smell fresh corn, so someone nearby must have combined some corn today.