Thursday, September 1, 2016

The wait is over

Yesterday morning I received an email from Stacy that she was going to call the pathology dept. about the biopsy and either she or Dr. Lunning would call me. I took the phone everywhere with me but no call came through. Just as I was ready to give up, late in the day, the phone rang and it was Dr. Lunning. 

I'd decided if it was Stacy, it was good news, if it was Dr. Lunning, it was bad news. He said the nodule was negative for Lymphoma, which I'd already been told, it was a granuloma but, there is that 'BUT', inside there is a yeast infection! What the hey?? (If a woman is reading this, I know what you are thinking because that was my first thought!)

He said this sets everything back a couple of weeks, the transplant had been tentatively set up for mid Sept. but without clearing this up first, it could be life threatening. I didn't ask him to expound on that but heard from a friend in the medical field that it could have gone crazy when they wiped out my immune system. Now I wait to hear from an infectious disease Dr. in Omaha.

I feel like I'm in a dance, one step forward and two steps back - "swing your partner and do, see, do!" Now we wait, I'm practicing patience, "Lord, give me patience and I WANT IT NOW!"

I do have a lot of things to keep me occupied, the hummingbirds are first and foremost, I can't get enough of them. I spend my day trying to get the perfect shot, this one isn't perfect but I love it. See his little tongue sticking out?

Last night I met Beck and Kim in Kim's beautiful backyard for pizza and girl talk and while we were there, a hummingbird showed up at her feeder that she had just put out the day before. We could be deep in conversation but stopped to watch him each time he came to the feeder as though we'd never seen one before. They have that effect on you.

Bruce is getting ready to cut silage, he spent all day yesterday, getting wagons ready and pulling them to the field. Today he gets the combine out to open the field and then he will be ready to chop. I pull the wagons in and when all four are full, Bruce comes in to help unload and then pack. It will be good to have something to do to pass the time.

It's a beautiful day out there, time to get dressed and join Zoe in the gazebo, she's waiting for me. Thank you all again and again for your love and prayers.

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  1. Julie/Bruce,

    Just want you to know that you're still very much in thoughts and prayers out here in California. We'll keep praying that the infection gets cleared up quickly and you can move ahead with everything. You've shown incredible patience and resilience throughout. Keep hanging tough.

    And, thanks again for the gorgeous photos and wonderful descriptions of life on the farm. You have a great eye for a shot. Were you always so talented or is this something that you've just uncovered in the past four or five years?

    Annie started high school this did Ian, but it's old stuff for him. He's in 11th this year; Annie's starting 9th. And, by the way, our proximity to Disneyland not withstanding, both still insist that Iowa's the happiest place on earth. We'll be praying that the happiness extends down through Omaha over the next weeks.

    We all send our love.

    Stephen, Kathy, Ian and Annie