Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Housekeeping and more pond photos.

I've been asked about my PET scan and haven't written about it, I drove to SC on Monday, leaving a little early because I never know if I might run into delays. I arrived at the June Nylen center a little after 9 AM, my appointment was at 9:30 but I got right in. I had my new Kindle along, that I won a week ago at the Meriden Fire Department breakfast, loaded with an audiobook to listen to in the waiting room. To my surprise, I could also listen to it while I was in the 'quiet room' for an hour after getting the radioactive tracer. 

Probably the worst part of the scan is the 25 minutes on a hard cradle, arms above my head, motionless except for wiggling my fingers. I couldn't take the Kindle in because it has metal but I survived without asking, "HOW MUCH LONGER??" My technician was extremely nice, I really appreciated that and she told me to get a snack on the way out, even though I was headed for real food. I didn't even know they had snacks.

I met my sweet sister in law, Susan, at Golden Corral, after a spartan diet for 24 hours and nothing at all for over 12 hours, I was ready! The day before Bruce and I went to a confirmation celebration and they had a chocolate fountain, I couldn't have anything with sugar in it. AAUUGGGHHH!!!

Golden Corral has a chocolate fountain, I made good use of it!

Now I wait a week to see Dr. Rao on Monday, April 6th, it's hard to wait but I wanted to see her, not Mr. Personality, Dr. Wender. I know I have no control over the outcome, it is what it is and we will go from there.

The dogs and I go to the pond every day it's nice and have a walk/run (they do the running) from the first gate, through the pond to the picnic area and back. That is my exercise program, trying to rebuild my stamina after a long, sedentary winter. I love being over there and watching the return of the wildlife. I see more and more geese everyday.

"♫ I love a parade.......♫

"Wait someone is coming, lead, follow or get out of the way!!"

♫Off we go, into the Wild Blue Yonder....♫

After taking off, the group did a fly by, right over me, I was just hoping no one emptied their 'tank' as I was pointing the camera upwards.

(I was sitting in my chaise by the pond yesterday when a dirty bird dropped a warm, wet, smelly dropping on my leg, think of the damage a Canadian Goose could do.)

They did leave this sneaky pair in the water.

"If we keep our head down, no one can see us."

Murphy has to test the water at every stop..

....she doesn't care if the water is murky or clean, she is an equal opportunity pond dweller.

(When we arrive back home, she immediately heads for the backyard pond.)

Murphy tries to convince Mollie to come in and enjoy the water but Mollie stays on land.

And on that note, it's time to quit blogging, step away from the computer, take my pillow and electronic devices out side and soak up some vitamin D by the pond, maybe capture some animal antics for another post.

I had to edit this post to add these pictures from our daily walk at the pond, surprise, surprise!

That is Mollie belly deep in pond water! I guess she finally decided Murphy was having too much fun and you know what I think......

.....I'm so glad they are not house dogs!


  1. Happy Easter to you guys! Glad you are seeing the well loved doc on Monday; may you feel our love over the miles and prayers cascading the entire way as you head in for the results. Prayers for strength, health and continued healing!!!!

  2. Praying and hoping for amazing news tomorrow... much love to you both! :)