Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A gang of calves

Every evening when we feed the cows, their calves go crazy and tear around the yards.

Their mothers are bellied up to the bunk and there is all this free space to run.

It's a proven fact that if you put your tail in the air, you run faster.

There is a lot of testosterone flying around as each competes with the other.

"Zoom, zoom!"

Suddenly a gang of five, the others are off camera left, zeroed in on an innocent bystander who dared to cross their turf. One brave soul confronted the trespasser.

Yup, it was Morris.

Who was not going to take this intervention lightly!

"Scram Punk!"

After some negotiations, the pair decided to call a truce, even though Morris still wasn't too happy.

Meanwhile, back in the barn is our escape artist I call 'Houdini.'

He slipped through this small opening in the fence, that is no long there and was hanging out with the hay bales while his mother was going nuts in the yard.

She told on him and also showed me exactly where he got out. When I drove in the yard she came running over to the fence toward me, bellowing her head off, then ran to this gap in the fence and stuck her nose in it. After that she turned and ran back through the yard, around the corner and into the barn, bellowing. I found her with her head over the gate, looking at her wayward child, Busted!

She did not need to speak the English language for me to understand, she showed me everything I needed to know, and some say cows are dumb.

The kids also need to realize that their mothers, too, have eyes in the back of their heads, rather in the sides of their heads. 

Whatever it is, they always know what the little rascals are up to.

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