Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sunday morning inspiration

Sometimes blogging is hard, I might have the inspiration but the words don't come, I've been struggling with a blog all week, it just doesn't come out right. But this morning inspiration slapped me in the face, or rather my pant leg.

Last evening our sweet panda face cow, #28 had her baby, it was a beautiful day to be born and after the baby dried off somewhat, we moved her into the maternity pen that was freshly bedded and waiting for occupants. This is why she is called a panda face and her baby from last year is standing behind her.

We are pretty sure our Big Bull was the daddy, what do you think?

This is yesterday's baby.....

....our best guess is Louie is the daddy, ya think??

Bruce said there was more low pressure coming in and he was expecting some of the mothers to produce so I wasn't surprised when the phone rang (sorta) early this morning while I was still sawing logs.

"Julie, will you come help me move a calf?"

This sweet little baby was in the alley with her mother and, to our surprise..... was this one, two calves, a bonus!! Just to be clear, they aren't twins, they each had a mother.

It was to get better yet as Bruce, from his perch on the tractor, saw yet another baby in the north yard next to the fat cattle. It was a Trifecta!!

Guess who her daddy is?

But all is not rosy, one exploded on my leg and the first stop at home was to change jeans.

The dogs wanted to help me clean them up, YUCK!! Honestly, how can people kiss their dogs on the mouth, I know where mine have been.

Moving calves can be the sh___yest job you'll ever love.

Our poor washing machine.

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