Friday, April 17, 2015


We had a lot of spring like weather in March so Bruce did what farmers do, got his machinery out....

.....greased it up....

.....drove out of the driveway.....

....and to the field, by the pond...

....where he drove back and forth and back and forth, churning up the ground, getting ready for planting.

But there was one problem, Bruce was in such a yank, that he did not take his customary nap after dinner. Soon his eyes were getting heavy as he drove back and forth and back and forth so he called me and asked if I would bring him a soda to wake him up. 

The dogs and I arrived with a Coke Cola, granola bar and apple and I think it was mighty good.

Murphy thought so too, even if it was only in her mind.

Since chocolate isn't good for puppies, Bruce offered her his apple core, which she took graciously.

Mollie was hurt, she's always been the favorite.
"Yeah, what am I, chopped liver?"

With some caffeine and sugar coursing though his veins, Bruce hopped back in his trusty McCormick and headed through the field.

Everything was going well until a wheel fell off because of a bad bearing and a wrecked hub. That meant a trip to town for parts and a stop at the DQ for a treat.

Back at home, Bruce put the finishing touches on the repairs and returned to the field.

We heard later that word got around that Bruce was in the field, nothing makes farmers more nervous than to hear the neighbor is out there first. 

Fast forward to April 17, and I need to put this blog to bed, I just couldn't find an ending. It's another beautiful day, the fields are all worked and now my farmer is chomping at the bit to go plant. He's had the planter out, putting the finishing touches on his new markers but so far all the seed is still in the sack. We had some errands in Marcus so went over for lunch and there is a farmer, in the field, with his planter!!! YIKES!! 

The weather is supposed to cool down next week so Bruce had himself convinced that he should wait - and then you see a farmer in the field with his planter!!

On the way home, the same farmer is still sitting in the field with his planter, so that begs the question, is he just jerking other farmer's chains? Is he really planting or just stirring the pot?

My farmer came home and napping right now, stay tuned to see if he gives in to temptation and plants some corn or if he can stay the course and wait till the weather settles again.

Stay strong, Bruce, don't give in to temptation!!!

After all, if all the farmers went out and jumped in the creek, would you?

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  1. Chief always said a similar saying, something about would YOU follow someone off a's to be 31 for a low these next few nights. Only a dab of rain when they were predicting 1/2". the winds are blowing crazy right now. Better he stay the course and wait for warmer weather!! Oh, if you only had the pool table for times like this (like Brucie would have nothing else to do...) wishing you good luck in getting out there, maybe this weekend?? Love ya both, CG