Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Cattle Drive

This morning was the day to move the two cow/calf pairs  out of the maternity pen and up in the yard with the rest of the new mothers. First job is to drive the ladies in waiting out into the dirt yard, and did they line up and go single file through the gate?

N-O-O-O-O, they have crowd through like they are fighting for front seats at a concert. Luckily we had our herding cat, Morris to help keep the peace.

With the rest of the herd out on the dirt, it was time to roust the mothers and babies out of their private quarters. #27 ran out the gate as soon as I had it open, forgetting she was leaving someone behind. Luckily #28 was watching out for both babies.

#27 soon returned and fussed through the fence...

"I'm so sorry, I didn't realize you were still sleeping!!"

The rest of the way up the alley, she kept stopping to reassure herself that baby was right behind.

"Yeah, yeah, Ma, I'm right here, quit fussing!"

It was quite the rodeo, baby calves don't drive well and Bruce was busy running back and forth heading them off, I'm so sorry I don't have pictures but I was a little busy. I'm thinking I need a GoPro camera now!

We finally had everyone corralled and the baby got a much deserved drink, after that long walk.

The rest of the calves were taking their morning naps.

This cow is babysitting 4 calves while their mothers are out shopping and having latte's at the local coffee shop.

This is a future heifer who stands at the gate and demands to be let in with the other cows. She is so ready to be a mother but she has to wait until next year.

This cow was wondering why I was pointing that funny black thing at the cows, I explained that I was recording things for posterity but she didn't seem to care.

This is what came to mind while we were (trying) to drive the calves.

While back at home, our herding dog, Murphy and her good buddy Bruiser, were lounging by the pond.

A fat lot of help you are.


  1. Besides your herding cat, Morris - how often do the dogs help with the herding and sorting?? Do the cattle oblige, or do they ignore the 'herders'? I've enjoyed these last two posts and pix of the cute little calvies...spring on the farm!! Love ya, CG

  2. The dogs are no help! They both have the strong herding instinct but no fortitude to follow through! They can be very ferocious - across the fence, but if a cow or horse turns, they are gone!

  3. Just curious--which one of you plays the Eddy Arnold part and does the yodeling?? (this is actually a rhetorical question...I think we all know the answer!)
    Yeah, I can hear him now..

  4. You are right! Can't you just hear your brother belting out, ♫Ooh, ooh, ooh-oody-do...♫

  5. there was never a day without Bruce belting out some tune or another. Those memories never fail to make me laugh as I remember them now. What a guy!! gotta love him...CG