Monday, March 30, 2015

More new babies at the farm and things are waking up at the pond.

Over the weekend, two more heifers had their calves, #26, a solid black cow had a cute little white faced girl.

I couldn't get a better picture because she has a very nervous mother, after she was born the cow didn't seem to know what to do with her. Instead she stood nearby and kept bellowing at her.

"I don't know what you are but I think you are supposed to be doing something!!"

Yesterday #20, another white faced heifer, had this solid black baby girl, go figure.

It's great to finally have babies while the weather is cooperating.

Every day that it is nice, the dogs and I drive to the pond and park inside the first gate. This is my view as they bail out and race each other to the trees to be the first one to flush out any critter that might be hanging around.

When they reach the trees, the real work begins.... hole is left unsnuffled.... dead critter left unrolled in.

Murphy has to sample the water in each pond....

....and it's much better if you are belly deep.

This goose is now sitting on eggs....

....see how low her head is? She is being very, very sneaky.

I saw the first deer, well actually I saw the first deer hiney, her white flag was bobbing back and forth waving "Bye, Bye!"

Earlier I did see deer tracks but this was the first actually siting. As I was walking along studying the ground where I saw the tracks, my heart leaped and stomach clenched. Behind the deer tracks were some big paw prints, YIKES!! There have been numerous mountain lion sightings and wouldn't one love to live at the pond??

Then my two big dogs came running back to me, Uh, never mind......

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