Friday, March 27, 2015

A new baby! FINALLY!!

As you know we have been on baby watch since the first of March, #25 was the obvious leader of the pack. Lately Bruce has been checking before bed and then going over about 4 AM but nothing. Not even low pressure did it, Dang.

On Wednesday we had errands to run in Cherokee and were gone about 2 1/2 hours, on the way home we went right to the farm because Bruce was pretty sure she would have it. He said she had been quite restless all morning. We drove in and parked by the barn, we first noticed two heifers were standing by the lean-to with their noses close to the ground, intently staring at SOMETHING in the shed. When we got out of the car, suddenly both of them jerked and their heads came up.

"I think we have a baby!"

Then we heard that wonderful sound, "M-M-M-M-M," that new mother's make to their baby.

"I KNOW we have a baby!"

Yes, indeedy, inside the lean-to lay a sopping wet baby calf with her mother diligently cleaning her up, with her tongue. YUCK!

Now if you have a daddy that looks like this.....

....and a Mama with a face like this.....(far right)... was such a surprise to get a baby that looks like this!

Where's the white face??

It doesn't really matter, she is adorable and so young and innocent. This is when they are so much fun because they aren't afraid of me, when she got up, she walked over to me, much to her Mother's dismay.

She followed her Mama outside and then settled in for a drink.

The other ladies lined up at the gate, trying to get their noses through for a sniff or lick.

"Oh, how I wish I had a baby!"

Oh, you will, don't worry.

Then Murphy came in to get acquainted and Mama ran her little butt right outside.

"And you STAY OUT!"

To emphasize it, she raised her fist and shook it. Well, metaphorically that is, you know cows don't have fists.

But I could still see it.

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  1. LOVE that last picture, a mother to the core....that calf is a cute little prize, with no white to be seen. you never know with genetics, do ya??