Thursday, March 19, 2015

Getting the 'stink blowed off Clyde'

Clyde is my couch potato, he moves from couch to chair, to chair, to chair, to the day bed and back to the couch. I decided with temps in the 80's yesterday, it was a good day for Clyde to get outside and smell some fresh air.

It was against his better judgement, he did not go willingly but I'm bigger than he is.

He was wriggling in my arms, "NO, NO, NO!!!!" As I went out the door he grabbed frantically for the frame and attempted to force me back inside.

But I'm bigger than he is and I set him down outside, Clyde huddled against the door, shaking and waiting for the sky to fall.

It did not fall, the BIG DOGS kept their distance, so he decided to venture out to explore.

He stopped by my 'nest', rubbed against me, then ventured to the pond, I was waiting for him to take a tumble as he staggered around the rocks and brush left over from last year.

"Huh, where did this come from?"

Clyde was very interested in the fish and they kept swimming by him in case he was going to toss out any food pellets.

But he is still my couch potato and finally tippy toed back toward the house....

....moving very cautiously so as not to draw attention and soon was back to the house, huddled against the door.

I have a bird bath by the bird feeders but with the pond clear of ice, they prefer the pond. This little nervous Junco made his way down the rocks.....

....keeping a wary eye out for any cats.

Today was very different, quite chilly, windy and about 50 degrees cooler. The sun was still shining so I brought the chaise lounge up on the south porch of the house, out of the wind and went in the house for all the amenities for an afternoon rest. But when I came out, who should I find in my bed?

I guess I should have put a save on it.

"You even brought me a blanket and pillow? How nice is that??"

The little creep!

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  1. too cute Julie....your chair DOES look inviting; don't ya love it that the dogs are right there, waiting for you to come back and then keep you company?? Nothing like our pets.....