Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Guilty dog

Does this video look like a guilty dog to you?

But nothing keeps Murphy down for long and soon she is back to bouncing around. A couple of days ago, the dogs and I were at the farm. When we arrive, Mollie immediately tears off for the corn crib to sniff out rats. Murphy was with me and discovered two dead (the only good rat) rats by the bulk bin that Bruce had dispatched.

As much as I love animals, I can't love rats, they are scurvy little creatures with beady eyes that are always scurrying around in the dark. The movie, Charlotte's Web glorified Templeton, the rat, and made him a cute and cuddly creature. The movie lied.

So here was Mollie, hunting for a rat and Murphy came upon two already dead, what a gift!! She picked one up and pranced around, all the while keeping her eye on the other. I could just hear her thinking, "I need to hide these from Mollie!" I saw her run up to Leo's shop, return without the rat, scoop up the other one and take it to her hiding place. I did not see where she stashed her treasures but when I called them to load up, Murphy came without a rat.

(I have memories of one of them trying to carry a dead rat home in the back of the gator and she kept dropping it behind me in my seat, YISH!!)

Today we made the trip to the farm, Mollie went to the crib and Murphy disappeared behind Leo's shop and came out with a dead rat dangling in her jaws, she remembered. But war broke out when Mollie discovered the rat, she tore into Murphy and made her drop it. I then made Mollie drop it, much to her dismay and Murphy scooped it back up. Mollie tried to wrest it from her jaws once again, I wasn't sure the rat was up for that tug-o-war so once again I had to make Mollie back down. This time Murphy didn't hesitate, with her treasured prize, she disappeared behind Leo's shop and reappeared without the rat.

You can bet she will return for her prize another day.

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