Friday, March 20, 2015

Today is the day.......

 Urban Legends profess that on the Vernal Equinox you can not only balance a raw egg on it's end, you can also balance a broom on it's end. I took the challenge, marched out to the coop and waited impatiently for a hen to lay an egg. Grasping a still warm, slightly sticky egg in my hand, I ran, well, maybe power walked, to the house and proceeded to dispel the myth. 

After much frustration, I turned to Mr. Google and found a great video and........drum roll, please......

I DID IT!!!!

I swear on a bible that there is no glue, gum, stick-um of any kind.

Then I ate it, YUM!!

(I'm leaving the broom thing up to you.)


  1. TA- DAH indeed, how cool is that!!!

  2. you are something Julie - who knew it was Vernal Equinox 'day' - do you get your info. from Farmer's almanac?? whatever - impressive indeed!!!