Sunday, March 15, 2015

A good day....

I'm feeling the effects of chemo week and know from experience that being outside is the best medicine. We are having day after day of beautiful weather, a great respite from the long, cold winter. The gazebo is still wrapped so I found an old chaise lounge in the garage and drug it out by the pond, brought the quilt that Debbie made for us, an afghan and pillow, water, Gatorade, phone, tablet and camera. I've spent every afternoon this week in my little camp, reading and napping, surrounded by all the animals. 

The pond is a big draw, it's been thawed for some time and today the goldfish were floating on top of the water, soaking up the sunshine. 

There are lots of little dramas going on in the animal and fowl world, Larry Jr., our little half pint rooster is scurrying around, chasing his son, Larry lll, harassing his little flock of two hens, dashing to and fro from hen to hen, making sure they are aware that he is in charge.

Some of the big hens indulge his Napoleon complex but others spurn him and even have the audacity to chase him off. But Larry Jr. doesn't let that get him down and he is soon zeroing in on someone else. 

He squires Lucky around and take her to the pond for a drink.

Bruiser LaRue comes out of the cat house to wash down the cat food, this water tastes so much better than the water in their bowls.

More chickens make their way to the pond......

"Delicious, simply delicious!"
Murphy and Mollie are my constant companions, Murphy curls up at the base of the Josie lilac bush that Mom gave me as a sprig and then proceeds to chew on one of the branches. When she got up, her coat was covered in leaves and she looked like she was trying to camouflage herself. 

This little bird keeps running up and down the tree, a chickadee?

Zoe settles in on my lap, then Murphy has to horn in on our quality time, to my surprise, Zoe put up with her for awhile.

Until Murphy got a little rowdy with that long nose, then all bets were off and the claws came out.

"I told you to KNOCK IT OFF!!"

Stinky, our naughty boy, keeps watch for an unsuspecting cat he can attack. But I have Mollie who lives for the words, "STINKY!" That is her signal to launch an attack on him, she is on standby, hoping, hoping, hoping to hear that word.

"Who, ME? I'm not doing anything!"

I give myself permission to eat anything that sounds good, whether it is yogurt with Rosanne's homemade granola or Sue's ham and bean soup that has healing properties, I've learned to make a batch before chemo so I'm prepared, or my guilty pleasure, the little individual sacks of Cheetos that I buy at Dollar Store, 2 for $1.00 and keep for emergencies. I wash it down with Gatorade that was a gift from Alex when I was struggling with my first go-round, I have learned to appreciate it.

I had a sack of Cheetos nearly eaten before Mollie realized it, came and sat patiently, expectantly, for her share. The first one disappeared down her throat without so much as a 'crunch' but after that, she ate each one politely. When the sack was nearly empty, I tore it open and offered her the crumbs, she inhaled one through her nose then proceeded to sneeze the remaining ones over me and my bed.

I think a lot about the next three weeks, the scan coming up and then waiting a week for results, I'm not good at waiting, and what those results will mean for both of us. Will we get a respite from the constant doctor appointments or will we face a different treatment? 

But for today, I look around at all I have and love and think, "This is a good day."


  1. I am glad you are getting out and enjoying this weather. Being out with your animals can be very healing. Enjoy !!!

  2. I think that bird on your tree is a nuthatch. they walk down a tree upside down to get the bugs out of the bark

  3. I think you are right! I couldn't think of the name, I wasn't too sure of the chickadee identity. Aren't nuthatches the only bird who runs head first down a tree? When did you get so smart??