Monday, March 9, 2015

"Now Stinky, I'm putting you on lookout while I raid the coop....."

Little Miss Murphy is a sneaky dog, she discovered I had a suet cake in the chickens scratch yard and one nice day while I had their gate open, she slipped in, removed the cake and holder from the twine that it hung from a rafter and carried it off. When I finally found the holder, it was empty but not open so she had quite the time eating the suet cake.

The next time I let the chickens out, I only opened their coop door so Murphy could not get at the new suet cake, but did I say she was sneaky? I came home and found Mollie looking at the coop, Murphy went into the coop and squeezed her body through the small trap door that led into the scratch yard and was trying to get the suet.

Darn dog!

Murphy got a licking and was told, once again, to stay away from the chicken coop. Then I had to reassure Mollie that she was my Good Dog, she takes it so to heart when Murphy is in trouble.

We had a nice afternoon so I again opened the chicken coop door, the dogs were right on my heels and I sternly told Murphy to "STAY AWAY FROM THE CHICKEN COOP!!!" But what Murphy heard was, "STAY AWAY FROM THE CHICKEN COOP UNTIL I'M OUT OF SIGHT!!"

I knew I couldn't trust her and could watch the coop from the house, sure enough, Murphy soon sauntered casually by the coop, looking at the door, then walking on by. Back to the coop, look over her shoulder at the house, and then walk by again. Finally I saw her stop and look in the coop, then back over her shoulder to see if I was tearing out of the house intent on doing bodily harm. She finally installed Stinky as lookout.

"Now watch the house and sound the alarm if you see a crazy woman coming."

"Right boss, I'm on it, but what is this smell on the door?"

"I'm going in....."

"Gotcha, but what is that out in the grove?"

"She really is going in."

"Hmmm, Hmmm, Hmmm, what is behind the door? Was there something I was supposed to be doing?"

"Oh, right, Murphy, she's coming!"

"Sucks to be you, Murphy. Go take your medicine."

"I'm SO SORRY!!! I won't do it EVER again!!"
(At least today.)

Don't let that pitiful face fool you, after her punishment, she was off, tearing around the yard as though nothing ever happened. It was Mollie who needed to be reassured....

"You are my GOOD DOG!"

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  1. that's funny Julie...look @ how Murphy's head gets lower and lower with each progressive picture, I imagine you were chewing her out at the same time.