Monday, September 8, 2014

You're 92 Bernice, and we're throwing you a party!

Our church organist, Bernice, turned 92 years young on August 31. The congregation decided to throw her a surprise party with a potluck after church, it would have been perfect to have it on her birthday because that was a Sunday. The only problem was, it was Labor Day weekend and half the congregation was going to be gone. Since we are a small church, we needed as many present as possible so put it off till this Sunday, the 7th. 

Bright and early Sunday morning I was up finishing my dishes for the potluck because Bruce and I were meeting Barb at 9:30 at the church to set the tables. I had my camera and as we drove over the bridge that crosses our creek, Bruce said, "Look!" There were the twin deer frolicking in the water! He turned around while I got the camera ready and drove back.

You can see where her chest and belly are wet, they were having a great time.

The two, the other one is partially hiding behind a weed.

Suddenly they got nervous...
"We're outta here!"

Bernice is always the first one to church on Sunday, she arrives at 9 and practices for an hour before people come and service starts at 10:30. She has been playing the organ for over 50 years and played for each of the five French weddings, I bet she wondered if she would ever play for Bruce's!

 I knew we wouldn't encounter her, she is a creature of habit and never comes downstairs till after church is over. We were free to decorate, set tables and prepare food and did we ever have food. You will never go hungry at a Presbyterian potluck!

Barb got Bernice a corsage that I pinned on before church but she hadn't a clue what was going on downstairs. I told Bruce it was his job to get her to the basement and he accepted that challenge, I think we surprised her!

Barb ordered a beautiful cake and it was also delicious!

Our youngest member, Addison, being cuddled by another 'grandma'.

And her painted toenails!

Her older brother, Treton, who we have enjoyed watching grow up since he was as tiny as Addison.

Our favorite 'fill-in speaker', Don Tisthammer and wife, Trish, from Cherokee were sitting at the table with Bernice when Barb got up to thank Bernice for all the years she has played for our church will little recognition. We can count on one hand the number of times she was gone.

We had a great crowd and so much food...'s nice to see all these faithful parishioners to take time to celebrate this occasion. 

Bernice got her chance to say thanks and we gave her a rousing applause.

And doesn't it just make your heart go pitty-pat when men take over in the kitchen for cleanup?

No man was ever shot in the back while doing dishes.

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bernice! She has not changed one bit in my almost 40 yrs... lovely and wonderful woman. :) What a great thing to do for her!