Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Another beautiful day on the farm

Bruce plum wore me out yesterday and it was just what I needed, I had no trouble sleeping, in fact I didn't surface till 8:45 this morning and had 45 minutes to enjoy my iced coffee and feed all the animals before reporting to the field.

I rode with Bruce and shot some video of what he is doing and thought you might like to see how the chopper gobbles up the corn, stalk and all and shreds it into bite sized cow pieces for delectable dining this winter. 

Back at the farm, Bruce is busy leveling and packing, the pile is growing....

.....And growing, as more silage is dumped.

While Bruce was unloading the wagon, I noticed the monarch butterflies were swarming all over this beautiful flower - of the dreaded thistle. We cuss the thistles but this butterfly is rejoicing in the nectar that will supply it with some food.

A buzzard landed in the draw by the corn field and when I drove up it lifted it's wings up on each side, kind of like "DRAW!" and they just hung there. It reminded me of Grandpa on The Munsters, that's the way he looked in his cape. 

I have never seen the ground squirrels so active, I don't know if they have fall fever or are trying out the neighbor's burrows to see if that would be a better place to winter but every trip had them racing across the road in front of me. Their little feet were kicking up dust balls that hung in the air, it was hilarious. On one trip, two darted out but one chickened out and turned back, the other just flew under the tractor, I didn't know if I'd find his bloody body smashed on the road on the return trip but I didn't. He must have made it or the family claimed the body right away.

After dinner the neighbors moved in across the road with John Deere power and proceeded to turn this 40 acre field into silage. At one time they had 5 or 6 wagons and they load on the go, something I refuse to do, it takes someone more coordinated than I am to drive along side and fill a wagon.

This is their huge pile, by the time I quit tonight, the field was nearly history.


It was a long day for my farmer, in and out of tractors, running back and forth emptying wagons, his pants were hanging on his hips, his shirt unbuttoned and his shoulders sagging, I could tell he was out of gas. On one of the trips by the house, I stopped and made him a lunch, it's amazing what a bologna sandwich, Coke and a granola bar will do.

I left Bruce unloading wagons and packing the pile and headed home. When I drove in the driveway, Murphy was out in the yard with something very colorful and she was having such a good time. It was a red towel, a purple bath scrubbie and some striped footies that were 'Aloe Infused'. 


Then I looked up at the house and on the bench was a basket and on the cement step was this shattered bottle of wine, it did not survive the drop from the bench.


As soon as I saw the writing on the wine infused card, I knew it was from our good friend, Barb. In the basket was the rest of the towel set, some bath lotion and bath soap and soak.


It was obvious that Barb does not have a puppy, for a puppy respects no boundaries, what a puppy sees, the puppy owns.


And poor Mollie, she was SO SORRY!! "I told her not to do it but she won't listen to ME!!" In just a few months Mollie has grown into the old dog and she has a permanent worry line in her forehead. Murphy has done that to her.

I'm sorry Mollie, we know you are the good dog around here.

It did give me a good laugh, I hope the toad that lives behind the step enjoyed his wine shower tonight. 

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