Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Chemo, Day 2, much better

We had another long day yesterday, went at 7:30 and got home at 4 but if everything goes well, I won't have another marathon session until Oct. 20. I was much calmer and my blood pressure stayed down and I tolerated the rest of the meds that were held over from the previous day. It's just a long drip and they have to give other stuff in between that one and the second drug. I only had one dose of Benedryl so I wasn't such a zombie as I was the first day, in fact the nurse told me the steroid would kick in and I'd be ready to go last night and she was right! That is until I crashed and burned about 9 and slunk off to bed, I slept until 4, got up and watched TV till 6 and went back to bed till 7:30. Someday I hope to be on a regular sleeping schedule.

Storm Lake hospital has a first class oncology, and I can finally write the word without shuddering, department with such a caring staff. The first day I was there, I saw a poster that said, "Have you thanked your oncology nurse today?" I was in such a state, I thought, "NEVER!" I'm ashamed of that thought now, they treat me as though I'm the only one there, I can't imagine getting any better care anywhere. The only time I got weepy yesterday was when the nurse wheeled me out to the car, because I had rubbery legs again, then hugged me before turning me over to Bruce. The second time was when I said goodbye to Janet, for all the good, loving care she has given me this entire time. But they were good weeps.

Today I still feel wobbly, I won't be driving until I feel like I have all my faculties, I'm also finding  something that tastes good and sets well is challenging but the anti nausea pills work great when my stomach starts to churn. Bruce and I made the trip back to Storm Lake this afternoon for a shot that helps the Bloods beat back the Crips, thankfully it was very quick and we were in and out with three sheets of 'This Could Happen To You' clutched in my fist because of the shot. So far none of them have come to fruition. The next appointment is Monday for labs, nurse evaluation and another visit with Dr. Hottie. Then I will have 3 weeks to recover before going on round 2.

Bruce is pampering me and I'm shamelessly soaking it up, it is such a relief to have this first treatment behind me. Even though I was assured over and over that it's not like the chemo of old, where you heard horror stories, I still feared it. The nurses all understand, one even said she would like the name to be changed from chemo because of it's reputation. They also know that everyone reacts differently and has to  blaze their own trail.

I'm blazing my trail with lots of water to flush the little nasty dead buggers out of my system and with all the love and support I'm getting from our families and friends. I'm very blessed.

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  1. I'm so glad things went better today. I hope you have a great 3 weeks - Love Rosanne