Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Magic Bullet

And not the Magic Bullet that is hawked on TV, "Buy one and get the second one free.......for just separate shipping and handling." I have found the magic bullet for my nausea and generally crummy feeling. It is a tiny orange chewable tablet of Meclazine, a motion sickness pill that I have taken at night for years because of my vertigo. I can't take it in the daytime since it makes me sleepy, EUREKA! I realized one of these days, they all seem to run together in yuckiness, that I had not been taking it because of the way I felt, I thought everything I put in my mouth was going to come back on me and not in a good way. The first night I took it, and the chewable is great because it goes right into the bloodstream and gets to work, no hanging around in the stomach to create any other havoc, I found sleep, blessed sleep. I roused in the morning to nibble on some food and took another, sleep, blessed, restorative sleep. Over the course I have repeated that and I know now that I will survive and I will beat this and I will be much smarter for the second time around. I guess we just have to figure this out for ourselves.

I was feeling so badly for Bruce since he was paying the price for my food aversion, Rosanne took the bull by the horns and sent out an SOS to the garden club for him. The first angel, named Lisa, honestly, I saw a halo around her head, arrived yesterday afternoon with 5 pre-cooked and frozen cheeseburgers, he will be indebted to her forever, a handful of cheese sticks and a jar of frozen, homemade applesauce. 

I cried.

I set the applesauce to thaw, it looked so delicious, pink and cold and it tasted like the nectar of the Gods. The first thing I can truly say hit the spot. And it did another thing, it got me going, if you get the drift, yes, I pooped! Twice!

Hooray for POOP!

After another good nights sleep, this morning I set a record, I got dressed, made two beds since I've been flip flopping between our room and the spare room, and brushed my teeth, although I did have to sit down to finish. I have another reason to celebrate, the tumor in my groin has shrunk noticeably, Dr. Hot Pants did not think it would with the first round but it has, if it had never gotten any bigger than it is now, I would never have known anything was wrong. When I let Bruce play Dr. he couldn't even find it. He has way too much fun playing Dr.

It is Sunday, another beautiful day that the Lord has made and I am rejoicing in it. Bruce is being taken care of so I don't have to worry about him and he can go combine beans. Tomorrow we have another appointment and then I should be free for three weeks. I can't thank everyone enough for their constant prayers and good vibes coming our way. 

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  1. Must be something about dad was also able to eat apple (crisp)...about the only thing he could eat.......must be something about it being the forbidden fruit or something LOL !!!