Thursday, September 4, 2014

We rural people are so easily entertained!

On the way home from SC Tuesday, we were all going to a Kruger field day, I go for the meal, Bruce and Janet wanted to hear the spiel from the test plots where all the information is compiled to give us growers the best varieties of corn and soybeans to make our operation successful next year.

Well, they go for the food also, don't kid yourself. And the food is always delicious, grilled pork loin sandwiches, party potatoes, is an outing complete without party potatoes?, macaroni salad, fruit salad and some of the most delicious cupcakes I've had since the Hilltop Wedding last summer of our young vet, Britt.

The field day started at 4 but we were well on our way and would have arrived at least an hour earlier so we stopped in the little town of Alton and checked out a really cute store, Janet and I both came out with some treasures. It was still early and Orange City was only 3 miles away and I knew of a couple of thrift stores so we decided to make that small detour. But driving into town we saw something that made the thrift stores fly completely out of our minds, DESTRUCTION!!

Northwestern College in Orange City bought this elevator site to redevelop into a sports complex and they were trying to destroy this old cement elevator. It was built like a brick outhouse.

It was the best entertainment in town and we happened to still have lawn chairs in the back, bet the others were jealous they didn't think of that.

Janet was taking some pictures with her own new camera.

The elevator was so tall, that there was little slack for the wrecking ball to get a good swing. The locals said they had added more sections but couldn't go any higher or the entire rig would be unstable.

There was a greenspace right across from the construction site and people were taking advantage of it.

But soon the dragline or crawler crane, moved to the other side, out of site, and there was a mass exodus of vehicles down the street...... 

.....around the corner.....

....and set up camp in the Taco John's parking lot. I wondered if they would come run us out and maybe we should go get a Six Pack and a Pound but we had pork loin waiting for us at the field day.

The wrecking ball couldn't have had more than 10 feet of slack in the cable so it seemed as though most of the hits on the cement were ineffective.


Fooled you, I was just laying in the grass and photographed from an angle.

This is the crane operator, we think he had to have had the stiffest neck in town from looking up all day and wondered if he went to a chiropractor every night.

This excavator was cleaning up some of debris from the elevator that was already knocked down and putting a ton of dust in the air.

Back and forth, pulling out rebar that went into a big pile to be hauled to a metal recycler and more crumbled cement.

We kept hoping we would see this corner come crashing down.....

....we were all using our body language to help it get a good hit, at this rate we think it's going to be a long process.

The crane driver finally shut down his machine, it was time for a smoke so we took that as our cue to hit the road.

Bruce and Janet are enjoying their meal.....

....and Ernie is educating the guys on what varieties are going to be the next bin buster.

Janet was the good farm wife and sat in on the seminar but I was soon bored and went to the car to read my book.

I clean the toilets in the house, Bruce chooses the seed to plant and it seems to work well for both of us.

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  1. ah yes, what would we do without a book in the car?? they DO come in handy!! Loved the story line, Julie....and as a side bar, UUMM, party potatoes and the only meat to eat, pork - my ultimate favorite. good ya, CG