Thursday, September 25, 2014

Did anyone get the license number of that truck that ran over me last night?

I will not be so cocky after chemo treatment #2, I had no idea what good drugs steroids are, is that why the athletes want to take them? I crashed and burned about 10 PM last night and spent the rest of the night on the couch warding off nausea with my pills and aching mightily from the shot. When Bruce got up early this morning I went to bed and slept a few hours and just got off the phone with one of the nurses at the oncology center. She said this is normal, the steroids keep the bad stuff at bay for a couple of days before knocking your legs out from under you. She gave me some things I can do, I asked her if the next time I can bring some steroids home in a bag with me. The biggest challenge is going to be finding something I can eat, I think Bruce will be on his own for dinner. I'm sure this too will pass but it's no fun while it's here. 


  1. guess I should have read this before sending the email about doing something for Tom's birthday - Sorry you aren't feeling well and hope it doesn't last long.... RosannaVan

  2. oh, so sorry...hope this morning finds you feeling a little better..I guess trial and error will determine what sounds good to eat or drink. Tea? Ginger ale? Chicken soup? Hugs and warm blankets to you!

  3. How about cheese? a nice piece of toast with a thin slice of munster cheese? or, soft bread and cheese? Mac & Cheese? Goulash? Well, at least I could list one item with no cheese in it. (Can you tell I love being in Wisconsin with all the cheese!) I too am so sorry to hear that you had all this nausea, I guess baby steps are a good thing. One day at a time, know you are loved and being prayed about constantly!