Monday, September 22, 2014

There is a gang war going on inside my body

I call them the Bloods and the Crips, the Bloods are the white and red cells working for me and the Crips are the dirty low down cancer cells who sneaked in, set up camp and quietly multiplied, then moved about my body creating havoc.

 Today the Bloods received back up in the form of a red bag of a concoction dreamed up by a mad scientist. Actually I was to get the entire bag of the first one, interspersed by Benedryl and another drug to knock me out and keep me from getting sick, then move on to another concoction that I would receive one half dose today and go back tomorrow for the other half dose.

But there were problems with my blood pressure spiking wildly that created a head ache which woke me out of a sound sleep so they turned off the spigot on the drug. There were many whispered conversations in the hall, a visit from the doctor, the new guy, Dr. Bala, he's HOT! Young and very nice.

They decided to call it a day with the first drug and after more Benedryl and the other drug, the second concoction was pumped at warp speed into my port. So we go early tomorrow and they will finish both chemo drugs, then another trip on Wednesday to get a shot of something. Janet is charting my progress and she knows all the terms so I'm happy to leave it up to her.

Even though it was another, in a long line of emotional meltdowns, I was treated as though I was the only patient in the entire hospital. I had a comfy bed with a warm blanket and the most caring nurses on this planet. It was an extremely long day, we left at 8 and arrived home at 6 with two new prescriptions, one to ward off nausea and the other to protect my kidneys from the dead cancer cells that are right now being hunted down and annihilated, then flushed out of my body every time I pee. It gave me great pleasure to visit the bathroom several times today, I'd spit in the toilet, shake my fist at it and flush enthusiastically. "Take That you Bastards!" (Sorry, cover the children's ears.) 

Bruce had a tractor that needed some work and I needed some time alone to process things, so we went our separate ways when we got home, after he was convinced I would be okay on my own. I just felt a little floaty, like when you step on a mouse, right Janet? Lacey was waiting for her supper, there were dogs that needed petting, eggs needed gathering and chickens needed some free time before bedtime.

 Zoe and I took a book to the gazebo after all chores were done to wind down, the dogs get crazy every night about that time and tear around and around, Murphy running through the pond and probably giving the goldfish and frogs heart attacks. The little hen with chicks was shepherding her brood around in that important way she has and Larry Jr. was patrolling the doorway of the coop so Chet couldn't come in until he says he can. I felt the peace stealing over me and when it became too dark to read and all the animals were shut up for the night, I went in the house and took my blood pressure, 133/77! That's right, going to the doctor is hard on my blood pressure. Tomorrow was supposed to be a shorter day but since I have to finish the first drug, we will be there awhile. They do serve food anytime you are hungry and fed Janet and Bruce also with room service.

 And what can I say about Bruce and Janet? If one wasn't sitting by the bed, holding my hand, the other was.

I really hit the jackpot when I married into this family.


  1. Thank you for your sense of humor in this story of little humor. And thank God for Bruce and Janet - Rosanne

  2. Ditto to Rosanne's comment. Thank you for continuing to share with us. Prayers for all.

  3. I can just see you standing over the toilet shaking your fist! :) Love your humor. I'm so glad Mom and Bruce are there with you... Much love to you!!!