Saturday, September 27, 2014

Man can't live on bologna sandwiches alone!

Today I feel as though I'm crawling out of the black hole but food is still a struggle, I've lost 10# and I know that is not what they want at this stage of the game. I've tried so many things, I'm still snacking on the chicken and noodles Rosanne made for me a week ago and, at some point, will put in another order but right now I can't stand cooking smells. 

That does not bode well for Bruce!

Here is he is harvesting beans, doing it all himself and the only thing I can tolerate the smell is a bologna sandwich and he doesn't complain. I had a package of hamburger in the fridge that we bought on Wed and knew I needed to do something with it. I know that people really do want to do something, so I called our neighbor, Jo, and she same down, picked up the hamburger and delivered it back as a bowl full of loosemeat for my farmer. He sat right down and had one! And declared it delicious! So now he can heat that up and bake a potato and have a fairly decent meal and that will make me feel better.

I'm hanging in there.

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  1. Always the toughest part. Do malts, or ice cream covered in hot fudge sound good at all? I know when I was one of Hope's caretakers (from Hope's Fashion Farm) and she was struggling with things to eat, one of her favorite items was a scrambled egg sandwich.......thinking of you!!!