Wednesday, June 19, 2013

You get no free ride when you come to the farm!

Vacation? BAH! Work those kids I tell ya! "Ian, get out and mow the yard!"

"Annie! You and Mollie, pick up those branches!" We will have no slackers around here!

My sister, Rosanne, surprised us with a visit this afternoon. "What are you doing here today?" I asked. "We are going on a garden tour, aren't we?" was the reply. "Uh, no, that is tomorrow!" Dang it!!! So we did a garden tour here, loaded her up with eggs and sent her back home after she insisted she couldn't stay the night. Her hubby's birthday is tomorrow and she didn't think it was fair for him to have to clean the house because the grandkids were coming.
We did relent and let the kids go fishing at the pond later, "How many fish did you catch, Annie?"
Annie demonstrates her champion casting form while a proud father looks on.
Ian wings his lure out over the pond also, they both show their skill.
Ian, still on the hunt for the elusive tadpole to keep Otto company, this morning I found Otto in the skimmer box while cleaning the filter. Startled the bejeebers out of me! I bet he was thinking, "Well, this is a fine place you brought me to." I put up a little screen to keep him out.
Since we were at the pond, we decided a cookout was warranted, burgers, brats, fried onions and flatbread pizza's, everyone looked quite satisfied.
Tomorrow's another day and another adventure for the California Cousins.











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