Thursday, June 13, 2013

"Did I hear oats rattling in a bucket?"

In the lead is Spider, age 26, Obviously A Show Lady, 4, coming up on the outside, Chantilly Lace, 14, and the matriarch of the herd, Lacey J., 27 are bringing up the rear. Lacey and Spider are full brother and sister, Chantilly is Lacey's baby. Lady joined us last fall when I convinced my hubby that I 'needed' another horse. I felt guilty riding Lacey, it's like riding my grandmother, not much better with Spider. At some point you have to retire them. Chantilly has an on again, off again lameness in her front feet that has stymied the vet. Bruce thinks she is just a slacker.

Lady came to live with us last November and she didn't take any crap from the other horses. I had her and Lacey in the round pen to get acquainted when Lacey charged her with ears pinned to her head and her teeth bared. Lady whirled her butt around and let go with both hind feet into Lacey's gut, I could hear the air go out of her, "OMPH!" Lady made her point, Lacey continued to make threatening gestures but out of reach of those heels.

Now Lady's favorite thing to do is stand in the barn doorway and not let Lacey in, such a snot!

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