Monday, June 17, 2013


We have been eagerly anticipating the city cousins from California visit to the farm for a week. I've been in a tizzy this last week, spring cleaning the house from stem to stern. I had it all planned out that I would have the house spotless, the weeds banished from the gardens, the chicken coop cleaned, cookies baked and fresh bread waiting, showered and dressed in clean clothes with drinks laid out in the gazebo. Then life happened.

A weekend wedding with out of town family who wanted to eat at the pond on Sunday so we had to mow and trim on Friday. The wedding took up most of Sat, then the picnic at the pond on Sunday. Suddenly it was Monday morning and the house was not spotless, the weeds were not pulled, the coop was till stinky, yada, yada, yada. To make matters worse, I had to take the car to be worked on Monday morning.

I had the most fun getting their bedroom ready, they were all bunking in one room so I set up cots for the 2 kids with a table and lamps with books if they wanted to read. Roses out of the garden on the nightstand, a very cozy room.


But it all works out, I did have the house presentable by the time they rolled in, Ian, the California surfer kid, don't you think he looks like one?

What a fun family, they were all ready for fun, Kathy, Ian, Annie, Mollie and Sadie in the gator heading out on an adventure.
Bruce and Stephen taking the lead.

It's going to be a fun week!

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