Wednesday, June 19, 2013

They thought they were retired...

Our two old horses, Lacey and Spider, have been enjoying retirement, until yesterday. They are just the right temperament for a couple of novice riders. First we went to the round pen to get acquainted.
"Sit up straight and get those heels down!!" Both kids were soon in control of their horses.


After a hearty Iowa dinner, meat and potatoes, the other three adults retired to their beds for a nap. The evening before, Ian spotted some frog tadpoles at the pond and we decided to try to catch one or two for the garden pond. Since I couldn't find my little net, I cut off the top of milk cartons, poked holes in the bottom and duct taped (the farmers friend) pvc pipes to the handle.
The three of us went to the pond with high hopes but they were soon dashed as we discovered how fast the little buggers were! Our milk carton nets were not the fantastic invention I thought they were be, we had to dunk them in the water first, filling them because they wanted to collapse. Ian, the surfer dude, had his swim trunks on and went right into the water, sneaking, sneaking, sneaking upon the fat tadpoles lazing on top of the water. Annie and I tried doubling up, one in front and one behind but they were always too quick. Ian tried driving them to us, it didn't take Annie and I long to be discouraged and made noises about leaving. If Ian is anything, he is determined! He didn't get in that water for nothing and it all happened right by the dock. The three of us were converging on one tadpole, he disappeared into the deep and suddenly there he was, right over my 'net', I had the presence of mind to yank it up and we had one!! What a beauty! 


At home, in the backyard, Annie and Ian with one of our homemade nets, releasing Otto, into the pond. Now Ian is more determined than ever to catch a few more, he read up on what they eat and found out goldfish food which is what I feed the pond fish. He wants to take some to the pond and sprinkle on the water and when the tadpoles come up to eat, get em!

Meanwhile, back at the farm, Bruce and Stephen go out to bale hay, something we thought we were never going to be able to do with all this rain every other day. Bruce is giving me the 'thumb's up' that he is very happy with his new baler! It was a successful day for him, the hay is baled and put away in the barn, now he is wishing he had mowed the brome also.



The horses made the mistake of hanging around the barn so Annie and I saddled Spider and Lady and rode out to check the cattle. I think I could have a girl for the summer if I wanted. She is quite the horseman and makes Spider toe the line


It was a tired and dirty crew who bellied up to the table for nachos last night before showering and hitting the sack. I'm a novice at this blogging and, after re-reading the previous entry, realized how many times I used 'fun' so I avoided it in this one. I will try to do better in the future, another day is dawning and we shall see what it brings.

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  1. of course you have named the tadpole - Otto!! Tom says you should name the next one Thaddeus, or 'Thad' for short....I don't remember seeing such huge tadpoles, I was thinking of those little 1/2" long ones!! what fun it sounds like you and your company are having. A summer on the Iowa farmland, one I think they will remember always. thanks for the blog, this is great and we are laughing out loud as we 'live' thru your experiences!!