Saturday, June 15, 2013

Uninvited guests!

We have a 14 acre wildlife area my father in law built starting in the 40's with 5 ponds, thousands of trees and a picnic site with cabin. It's a little rustic but a couple years ago Bruce and I cleaned it out, painted and paneled and made a nice shelter for food when we are having a cookout.

Yesterday we mowed and trimmed around the picnic site for a family get together tomorrow with cousins who are here for a wedding. Inside the cabin I was greeted with this all over the rug!

Some uninvited guest broke into the cabin and pooped on the rug and floor, how RUDE!

We couldn't find any obvious point of entry but on the outside, by the fireplace brick, there were openings small enough for a squirrel or something like it, to get in.

I took the rug home to power wash, brought back 2 cans of spray foam to fill cracks and a live trap with apples and chips for bait. We want to catch the interloper who did this dastardly deed and slap the snot out of him.

Filling, filling, it's amazing what one can holds, all the opening were full before it ran out, now set the trap and wait.

Last evening I rode the 4 wheeler over to check the trap, empty, on the way back through the trail, I came upon a mink feeding on a dead turtle, AH-HA! A mink would be small enough to get in. At home I 'Googled' squirrel poop, yes you can, it isn't a squirrel, theirs are like little pellets. I typed in mink poop and it looks like a match. I also checked out opossum poop and that also looked familiar but we don't think an opossum could get in the cracks. This morning we checked the trap, nothing and that is good, some of the poop was pretty fresh so I think this means it couldn't get in and will move on to other digs. If it was a mink, we wouldn't have had any mice in residence, so there is an upside.

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