Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The first calf of 2014 - FINALLY!

It's been like watching water boil but the first baby of 2014 arrived mid-afternoon, March 24. I had Clyde at the vet getting a shot while Bruce was watching the drama in the barn. But there wasn't a lot of drama, 3 pushes, two small and one big one, and wet, slippery calf was unceremoniously dumped into a pile of corn stalks. He still was wearing the thin, transparent jammies he hung out in, in his mother's belly and was bellowing his head off, he was hungry and wanted to be fed NOW!

It wasn't long before the other girls were lined up at the nursery gate to "Oooo" and "Ahhhhhh" at the new baby. They would so like a baby of their own and by the looks of those bellies, it shouldn't be long.

This is what is on the other side of the gate.

"Hey cute thing!"

Today was moving day from the barn to the lean-to but first Bruce had to wake the sleeping baby.

He didn't want to move, quite the difference from last night. Bruce put his Mama out to drink and the baby wanted to follow. When Bruce thwarted his plan, he charged Bruce!

This little guy has an attitude!

But today you would never know as Bruce continues to encourage him to to leave the barn.....

.....the baby stops so Bruce rubs his flanks as they get closer to the door......

.....where his mother is watching suspiciously.

"What are you doing with him?"

We are both thinking in another year or so, she isn't going to stand for this kind of man-handling of her baby.

Around the corner and through the gate into the lean-to yard that they will have to themselves, until another heifer becomes a mother.

It's a windy, sunny but cold day in Iowa as the pair head for the shelter of the lean-to......

.....little #10 checks out the bedding......

.....and scales a pile of corn stalk bedding, following his mother into the safety of the lean-to.

Every healthy calf makes all the sleepless nights worthwhile, back at home ..........Mollie wants to be assured that Bruce still loves her best.

And Murphy is contemplating an attack on Smitty.

But Smitty has really sharp claws and Murphy re-thinks the attack.

Because there are easier targets, like Mollie.

Murphy is a pretty smart puppy.


  1. aw, so cute was the stance of #10, you can just see the brakes are on as Bruce tries to guide her out!! and loved the pix of 'the girls', oohing and ahhing at the new babe - that was a great shot too!!

  2. Wow, you were right there ready with the camera waiting for that baby. You did not even give Mama a chance to get him all cleaned up for the picture. Love baby calves, oh I guess most anything baby. Cute pictures of Murphy.