Sunday, March 23, 2014

I'm surrounded by sickies!!

I have a sick hubby, cat and puppy, well, Murphy isn’t exactly sick as in SICK, she has a urinary problem that prevents her from running loose in the house. I was able to get a respectable sample and took to the vet yesterday morning but nothing showed. Mark sent home 10 days of amoxicillin to see if she has something brewing, she is in high spirits because she gets her pill in a hot dog and Murphy found she really loves hot dogs and thinks she should be getting a pill every time I go outside.

Since I can't trust Murphy not to squat in the house, especially with this problem, she has to either be in her crate or in my lap on the couch. That triggers the little green monster in Zoe and she also wants to be in my lap.

"Anyone want to play ball with me?"

 Bruce came down with a bad case of the crud, coughing, hacking, a full chest and head. I’ve been dosing him with Alka Seltzer plus and feeding him lots of oranges, last night was the best night sleep he'd had, he woke up at 8:15 this morning. Bruce did find out there is a difference between daytime and nightime Alka Seltzer Plus, the hard way. Yesterday morning he was really dragging, then I found the nightime ASP packet on the table. 

This picture was BC, Before Crud, when we brought home the new Honda, do you think we like the color red?

 Clyde is sneezing his head off and every time he sneezed, he knocks himself off balance. He follows me all over the house, waiting for me to sit down so he can have a cuddle, I've gotten good at dodging  flying sneeze particles. Of course it’s the weekend, we can't get into the vet until Monday morning.

Clyde and Bruce are arguing who gave who the crud.

I wonder if I can get the vet to see Bruce also, give him a shot along with Clyde? 

At least Bruce doesn't want to be cuddled in my lap also, it's getting a little crowded here.


  1. Poor French family with the crud!! Hope all continues to get better but another question - how do you get a urine sample from a puppy?? Attach a diaper and wring it out??? tee hee - CG

  2. I had Murphy in her crate for a few hours, let her outside the back door and was waiting with a plastic lid that I slid under her bottom. She had to go so badly that she didn't get off the cement patio which made things easier. She ran the lid over, Mark was quite impressed with the amount I got. Things are better but she is still squatting more than normal.