Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Life With Murphy, Day 4.

I didn't realize how boring our life was, until Murphy came into it, Bruce prefers peaceful. I have seen the sun come up every morning so that has been the biggest shock to my system.

After the first night, Murphy has not had any accidents in her bed but she is ready to go when she hits the straw outside the door. Can you imagine going out in the cold with a full bladder? I wouldn't have the good control she has. 

I figured out the best place for Murphy to play in the bitter cold is the barn and she loves it. There is bales of hay on one end, a pile of loose straw on the other and a big open area with some obstacles such as the bale elevator and some broken bales. Murphy has carved out a racetrack and even devised places where Mollie can't go.

She races up the straw.....

....and around the bale elevator.

Across the floor and hurls herself at the bales, sometimes landing on one but mostly bouncing off. That doesn't slow her down a bit.

Back on the ground, Murphy tears through the bales of hay on the ground where Bruiser, the barn cat, reaches out to smack her, but isn't quick enough. Mollie and Bruiser and looking behind the bale.

Out from her hiding place and heading for the straw pile, around and around she goes, with Mollie on her tail. Every so often, Murphy takes a short cut and slides down the straw under the bale elevator where Mollie doesn't fit so she has to go to the end to catch up. Murphy's pretty slippery and by that time, she might have doubled back and be on the straw pile again.

I'm working on the cats to just accept Murphy, they don't have to like her but they all need to just try and get along. Zoe has been the easiest because of the jealously factor, she thinks I belong to her so when I was making a fuss over this puppy, she stepped in to claim her fair share. They came to an uneasy truce.

Clyde has been a hard sell, the first time I hauled his butt downstairs and made him stay in the same room as Murphy, his trembling was off the Richter Scale, about a 4.8. It set off a tsunami in the water bowls. It was a Mexican standoff, each waiting for the other to blow, Murphy having a lot of respect after Clyde connected with his deadly claws. Clyde now tip toes downstairs while she is napping so he can eat and potty in peace, I don't see them lying together in the near future.

Murphy has forced me to be vigilant about Clyde's litter box, dogs think those are puppy sized tootsie rolls are put in there for their pleasure! She and I fought over the box this morning, I was trying to pick it up and Murphy was trying to retrieve the prizes inside, I won.

Since the weather has moderated a bit, to show you how warped we are, when it was 6 above this morning I was thinking, "Boy, it's really nice out!!", we spent a lot of time outside today. Murphy has an abundance of energy and loves to run and run. She is fascinated with the snow, especially when she can make it fly such as getting on this rock. Mollie is right there.

"They're Off!!"

I knew Mollie would love a little sister, she thinks Murphy is the greatest thing since canned dog food.

Baby Murphy on a dead run.

She wanted to check out the chickens, more poop to eat! There is poop everywhere, if it isn't the cats, it's the chickens or the horses, I had to steer her away from the pile of road apples by the compost pile. I know I can't prevent it forever but right now, with Murphy kisses, I prefer her mouth to be as poop free as possible.

But a puppy can't run all the time, she has to take time out for a nap and Bruce's coveralls are so comfy.

 Zoe ponders the meaning of life while lounging on the back of the couch.

"Are you serious, that mutt is staying, like, forever?"


  1. You make a new puppy sound fun............... but I know it is work. Hope you are napping when Murphy is so you can keep up. The barn seems a great idea for a playground - love you blog and your great sense of words - you are 'the nuts'!

  2. I love how Murphy is so active.....then boom....down she goes for a nap. So fun !!!!!

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  4. I knew that once Murphy arrived your SLEEP IN days were over. Love the picture of Mollie and Murphy running together. I agree - GREAT BLOG on your new page of life on the farm.

  5. We love Murphy. She radiates personality, even just from pictures! She and Molly are my two new screensavers. Poor Zoe & Clyde though :)
    Hope you guys are doing great!
    Ian and Family

  6. Ian and Family,
    It's always great to hear from you and yes, you would love Murphy! She has become quite the little independent and now thinks she has to go out in the front pasture to poop. In the daytime it's not so bad but at night it gives me the creeps! I think a roving coyote could snatch her up so Mollie and I are right behind her, I think it's going to her head that she has her own personal bodyguards. We are waiting for some calves now, things are going well here! Love Julie and Bruce