Thursday, March 13, 2014

Life with Murphy, Day 14

Life before Murphy, boring, mundane, quiet, organized (somewhat), lackluster, unexciting, dull, dreary, humdrum, uninteresting and did I say, boring?

Life with Murphy, Day 14, lively, hectic, dramatic, intriguing, wild, rip-roaring, unorganized, hair-raising (the cats, they blow up like a balloon at the sight of her), interesting, unorganized (more than usual), sleep deprived but worth every minute of it!

With the spring like weather Murphy is spending most of the day outside so I needed to 'puppy proof' the driveway....

The Fed Ex truck drove in real slow this morning, YES!

It was time to introduce Murphy to the Gator, I bunge corded a bushel basket to the front seat, put a pillow inside and plopped Murphy in with Mollie riding shotgun in the back. This is how she learned to ride and she was quite jealous that Murphy got the front seat. We drove to the farm and back, by the time we got home, she'd had enough, so had I. It was a zoo trying to drive and wrestle the little beast in the basket. I can see we need to make lots of short trips.

Both dogs still enjoy playing in the barn, it looks like Mollie is about to rip Murphy's innards out, but she's only bluffing.

I think.

I'd like to know what is going through Bruiser's mind.

"Now's your chance, Mollie, there isn't a jury in the country who would convict you."
Big dogs should eat standing up so I made a raised feeder for Mollie out of an end table. I simply took off the top, cut a piece of plywood and cut out a hole for the metal feed pan, EUREKA!! And to think that people actually pay for these things.

But what to do for Murphy? If I make one to fit her now, it won't do any good when she's grown. Looking in my garden shed I found this little kid's potty chair complete with pan. A quick wash job and everything is as good as new.

Actually it's fitting, considering her penchant for poo snacks.

Approved by puppies everywhere.

One of Mollie's favorite toys is a tennis ball with a cord through it in a loop. She can entertain herself by running with the ball, tossing it in the air and racing around the yard like a crazy dog. Mollie is not good about putting her toys away so she has a habit of losing them for weeks or months, if they're covered with snow, on end.

Yesterday Mollie found her ball and was running around with the loop hanging down, Murphy spied it and couldn't resist grabbing the loop. Her top teeth were caught and she was being hauled across the yard at Mollie speed, I expected to see her little feet leave the ground at any minute! I ran them down and extricated  Murphy from the cord, she didn't seem any worse for wear. I cut the cord and tied it around the ball so it's much shorter and she can't get caught.

I envisioned Mollie using Murphy as a shot put!

They engaged in a tug-o'-war and Murphy gives it her all.... 

.....until a noise from another part of the yard caught her attention.

"Who? What?"

She comes in after a hard day at play and crashes among her toys, just in case anyone is thinking of absconding with them.

Bruce has been gone for 2 days and Murphy misses him.....

 .......once again he has stolen the heart of my dog, I can't stand it!! AAUUGGHHH!!!

The traitor.

"He's not getting out of here without me knowing it!"

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