Thursday, March 6, 2014

Cows in the snow, portraits from the farm.

It's that time of year again, calving season, when sleep is a precious commodity, interspersed by nocturnal trips to the farm to check on the prospective mothers. It's especially critical when we have heifers, first time mothers and this year we have 6. They look suspiciously at us as we traipse through their yard and try to be nonchalant about peeking under their bellies to see the developing udders and then strolling behind to check out the nether regions for suspicious activity. 

Last weekend I had my camera with me when I looked in on the girls, I call this one 'Cow in the Snow.'

This one is titled, 'Fancy in the Snow.'

"Fancy, you are such a pretty girl, I hope you have a little girl just like you."

This one is 'Cows in the Snow.'

I titled this one, 'Fat Cow in the Snow.'
"I beg your pardon!!"

Cows get a little sensitive about their weight gain when they're pregnant. 

Back at home we have Clyde's evil sister, Bonnie, or 'Crabby Cat Tip-toeing Through the Snow.'

'Baby Murphy buzzing Zoe in the Snow.'

This one would be 'Chickens in the Snow', but everyone knows that chickens don't go out in the snow.

This one is 'Playing with Photoshop when you have the Cutest Puppy in the World in the Snow.'

Something tells me I need to change up the titles a little.


  1. OMG, Murphy has the cutest little face !!!! Her personality is coming out in your photos. Keep them coming.....loving every minute.

    I feel for the cows/heifers when their time comes. Especially if it is cold or muddy out. Hope all goes well for them.

  2. I like the 'cows in the snow', all of the pictures. LOVE the pix of Murphy, such a pretty little girl she is...won't it be fun to bring home our own little pup and let them go at it on the farm!! AH, but all those yummy varieties of farm poop, Tinker goes crazy after all the rabbit pellets just in our back yard, can't imagine all the places she'd pig out on at your place!! thanks for the blogs, you are describing everything as usual, just as if I was sitting there watching what you're writing. Take care!! Love you both, CG