Saturday, March 1, 2014

She's here! Mollie's little sister is here!! Great excitement abounds in the household.....

....but the cats are freaked!! I'm sure they are thinking, "First the two old cats move into the basement, now THIS!! Don't we have a say in things around here??"

Since the weather was predicted to be so bad this weekend, I never thought Misty would come this far. She called last night and we discussed it and she said she would decide this morning. It didn't look any better this morning, snowing and low visibility so I was very surprised when Misty called and said she was heading out and if the weather was too bad, she would turn back. So I flew into 'get ready for puppy mode!' Luckily I did get some puppy chow yesterday while I was in town, I moved the second glider/rocker out of my sitting area and shoved the rest of the furniture together to make room for the wire crate. I put in a soft bed and brought up two crock dishes, one for water and one for food. Then I went on a cleaning spree in the kitchen and decided to make some peanut butter cookies to pass the time, thought I could at least have something for their trip. But before I got to bake the cookies, I looked out to see a strange white pickup and Misty walking up to the door!! She's here!!

Murphy was a very quiet little girl but Misty thought she might have been the one who got car sick. Murphy and me.

I showed Murphy where her crate, food and water was and she ate and drank so we decided it was time to introduce her to Mollie.

Murphy had no qualms, she took one look at Mollie and said, "MAMA!" and tried to root under her belly, which totally threw Mollie off her stride and she took off  with Murphy in hot pursuit.

I was surprised that the snow didn't faze little Murphy at all, she finally stopped to squat and pee and Mollie got to smell her butt, that is how dogs get introduced.

Misty's boys were quite taken with Mollie's dog house, they were most surprised to see two cats inside, hey, it's cold here and Mollie will take all the warmth she can get.

After assuring the family that Murphy will have the best home I can provide, they continued on their way to deliver another puppy. Murphy was shivering and it was time to go back inside.

Misty said that Murphy seemed to be a little quieter than most of the puppies, well, I think with 9 siblings, she just didn't get a chance to talk. She made herself right at home, she loves the rugs, they chew so good.

I found a ball for her to play with and she is even retrieving and dropping it on command.

And Murphy loves chewing on Dino. 

We've had a busy afternoon, I tried to introduce Zoe and Clyde to Murphy, they would have none of it. Clyde even hurtled the cardboard barrier I put across the kitchen/living room door to keep her in the kitchen. If you know Clyde, that is quite a feat.

Murphy knows where her crate is and she put herself down for a nap, 15 minutes of peace so I could download my pictures and send some out. She's been outside two more times since Misty left and piddles and poops each time, Mollie is becoming a bit more used to her. I found out the hard way that I can't depend on Mollie to babysit though. They were romping in the back yard so I headed out to feed the horses more hay, it's going to be bitterly cold again and keeping their bellies full helps keep them warm. All of a sudden Mollie blew past me but Murphy was no where in sight so I started running to the back yard and saw her just as she headed out onto the pond ice. I knew it wasn't frozen hard and about that time she went through, face first. I reached for her just as she pulled her head out, took a step sideways and her back end fell in. This time I did retrieve Murphy and ran in the house to dry her off with a couple of towels. Misty, if you are reading this, I learned my lesson, don't come take her back! Murphy was quiet - for about 5 minutes, then she was tired of sitting on my lap and wanted to wrestle with the towel instead.

We are finding our schedule, about every 45 minutes Murphy and I go out in the snow and she piddles and poops every time, then we come in to play for awhile. She likes to sit on my lap and watch TV and, just like Bruce, falls asleep.  I took the cardboard barrier down so the cats can come in to do their business and Murphy found Zoe's stash of toys in the living room. One by one she brings them into her domain, Zoe will not be pleased with puppy slobber on them. I'll probably have to buy a whole new set.

Anyone with a new baby of any species knows that the household revolves around them. I know the camera will get a work out and I will probably be posting a lot on here, just a warning. They grow up so fast and before we know it, they go off to college - well, guess I really don't have to worry about that.


  1. Hope you're not too committed to those throw rugs.. :) Sounds like you'll have a busy few weeks at your house! Does the pump run at the pond all the time? Or how come the pond wasn't frozen over enuf to support her? Though I'm surprised at how BIG she looks! Have fun!

    1. I have to keep the pond open for the fish, they would die. I have the bubbler running all the time and when it's bitterly cold like now, I also have a tank heater. That is why the ice didn't hold her. The rugs are past their prime and I have a couple of braided rugs on order. Murphy is a busy little bee!

  2. I will be looking forward to all your stories of Murphy. She sure did make herself right to home. You will have to give Zoe some extra attention when Murphy is sleeping.

  3. I wondered if you would get her yesterday!! She's adorable!!!

  4. Oh you are going to have so much fun. She is so cute...Mollie will be a great big sister to her. Keep the pictures coming !!!! Love seeing them.