Saturday, November 2, 2013

My bearded ladies

I bought 3 baby chicks this spring when my sister, Rosanne, the enabler, and I stopped by Bomgaars to see her daughter who works there. I didn't have any plans to get more chickens but we had to go back and see all the chicks and I was weak, couldn't resist.

They are Americanas and will lay blue/green eggs, someday, their 5 months are up and no sign yet but I continue to be patient. They have very distinctive features, as in olive green legs and 'muffs' and 'beards'. It's hard to tell when they are tiny but I picked out three that looked the best.

If you look closely, you can see the beginning of a little muff right under her eye.

They start out in the house in the 'chick crib' the French family baby bed with a Rubbermaid tub inside.
"Oh doggie, ya gotta love those chickie crumbles!"
They grow fast and soon need to be outside because they are stinky in the house. But still too little to be let loose with big dogs and cats around.
They finally get to run with the rest of the chickens, her muffs are becoming more prominent.
They practice sitting on the top rung of the chicken house roost, while there are no other chickens in residence.
"Some day I'll be on the top row!"
Check out those groovy olive green legs on her.

They are fully grown with very prominent muffs and beards that they wear proudly. They don't shop for any Nair or No-No, the latest in hair remover.
Hers really show up because they are darker than her feathers.
"You looking at me??"

It's hard to get a group picture, if one has her head up, two will have it down. If you frame a picture with all three heads up, by the time it smaps, they could all be turned the other direction.

That is why you should count your chickens before they hatch, because after they hatch, they run around so willy-nilly, it's almost impossible to count them.



  1. YEs, they are adorable! I, in no way influenced you to get those chicks. You are just a sucker for babies, be it chicks, kittens, raccoons, possums or calves. That's what we love about you! Wish I had taken pictures of mine as babies, they were so cute!

  2. You have to admit that I did resist getting chicks when you did, but then I wasn't in the store. But I'm so glad I have them, they are so much fun to watch, this morning they were all bumping chests, feeling very good about themselves!

  3. They are very beautiful chickens. I enjoy them when I come to visit. Maybe when I retire I can have them running around too :-)

  4. They are the best pet!! And they will feed you, if they ever start laying eggs. I love my chickens.................