Sunday, November 24, 2013

You just never know what you might find on a gravel road

Bruce and I frequently walk from our house to the home farm, it's only about 1/4 mile. I tend to walk more in the winter as I don't get a lot of other exercise and with all the baking I'm doing, it's necessary to do what I can so I can still fit in my jeans. Mollie is a great companion, always ready for an outing.

"Are we going somewhere?? Huh?? HUH?? Can I come?? Huh? HUH?? I'm running as fast as I can!"


We find a variety of items along or in the road, mostly beer cans. It's interesting to see the brew of choice, for awhile it was Busch Light. This day there was a variety, hey, this represents 15 cents!
There are fast food containers and water bottles, honestly, why can't they cart their own garbage back home with them???
Mollie, Sadie and I were on the way home from the farm one day when Mollie found a bottle and started carrying it. I picked up a McDonald's sack, then noticed Sadie looking longingly at Mollie. So I found a plastic cup and gave it to her and then she was happy, doing her part to clean up the road ditch. I wondered if I could get one of those state signs that say, "Litter Removal by Mollie, Sadie and Julie."
But today I think I found the most unusual item, a 'used' EPT pregnancy test, laying in the middle of the gravel road!
This was not just thrown out because the wrapper was by the side of the road!

You mean someone peed on this pregnancy stick in the middle of a gravel road?????
Did I say it was COLD today??
If you look closely, you can see a 'minus' sign which means no pregnancy. That is very good, it's best that this person does not procreate.


  1. I see you have been doing some detective work. Found a pregnancy stick in the middle of the road and the wrapper, plus you checked out the results. If you would have walked after dark, you may have found a car with the windows all steamed over.

  2. Hey, Hey, hey! What shall ;I plant next??? No I didn't really plant it, but it gives me ideas.....................

  3. Well, this could get interesting!!