Wednesday, November 6, 2013

We Weren't Ready For THIS!!!!

SNOW!! Even my little musical frogs were struck down, I'm sure they were wishing they were back in Mexico where they came from!
This is the first snow for the bearded ladies and they didn't know what to think about that cold, white stuff that sticks to their feet. They took refuge under the trellis in a snow-free zone and plotted their day.
Last week my mare, Lady, injured her hock and her leg blew up and was very painful. Our equine vet, Melissa, sent me to the horse-pital, Carlson Equine Clinic outside Sioux City where she stayed for 6 days. I tried to get Dr. Carlson to let her come home on Monday because we knew rain and snow was predicted for Tuesday but he wouldn't release her quite yet.
(I have a theory that he is planning a winter vacation to Aruba.)
Tuesday morning the rain was heading out way so I called and said if we could come get her, we needed to be on the road and we were given the all clear.
We drove into rain on the way there and by the time we were checked out and loaded, it was raining steadily.  The bill wasn't as much as I paid for her and Bruce got points on his Cabela's card, it was a win/win situation. Halfway home it turned to snow and by the time we reached Marcus it looked like the middle of winter.
But we made it home okay and Lady was glad to be back.
She is confined to a stall for awhile and still on antibiotics, her big bandage can come off in a few days.

Chantilly was very happy to have her home.
Even if they have to converse through a screen, kind of like being in prison.

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