Friday, November 15, 2013

Poultry in Motion

Chickens think there is no better way to spend a nice afternoon than group dusting in the compost pile. They all take their positions and hollow out a nice little dusting hole.

"Let's Get Ready to DUST!!"

Midge demonstrates the right side, hidden legs, eyes closed position.

Speckles is in the full wing spread, breast position.

Whitey is in the right side, butt presentation, leg stretch and head hidden, a difficult position to pull off.
Midge and Speckles are attempting synchronized dusting and failing miserably, they need to keep time to the music in their heads. 
"Do you mind, I'll dust when I feel like it."
She has a bit of an attitude.
Midge finishes with the side position, throwing dirt on your neighbor while trying to look innocent.
And you think chickens have no sense of humor.

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  1. Can I bring my new chicks to learn the finer points of dusting? Mine dust under the porch, lots of bare dirt, then come onto the sidewalk and fluff. Out comes all that dust and dirt onto the sidewalk going to our door. They need to learn to have their fun way out in the compost pile like yours. Any suggestions?