Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving, Photo lessons, Black Friday, Old Dog and Spectacular Sunsets.

 I'm cramming a lot in this post, we are in the post Thanksgiving feast coma, Bruce is watching IA beat the tar out of Nebraska so he is very happy. My day started early on Thursday when I was up at 5 AM to bake the croissants that had been raising all night on the counter. I also made a pretzel salad to take to Janet's and a lime salad for our evening meal when we were hosting Brad and Jennifer.

Since we had to leave the Lundquist's fairly early to prepare for our evening guests, I wanted to get to their house in good time as they will be heading out for Texas on Sunday. The house smelled heavenly, made my mouth water as I anticipated the feast we would partake of later.

All three of Janet and Foof's kids were there, Christine, Brian, Jessie, Nikki and Levi from down the block and across the alley. Brian, Ty, and Jacob from out in the country and Anne, Pete, Alex,  Sophie and Ben from Rochester, MN.

Anne said Sophie is her little helper, no matter if she is cooking or cleaning and she dove right in when it came time to peel potatoes with her daddy, Pete.
Is she a little Pete or not???
I wanted to practice my camera lessons and when I downloaded all my pictures, I found out I REALLY need to practice!! So many were just a tad blurry, I couldn't use them.
Janet and Brian...
College girl, Ty...
Janet, Sophie and Ty whipping up the gravy thickener.....

And the FEAST!!

There wasn't a lot leftover after 17 people filled their bellies, a walk was suggested but all the adults ended up sprawled in couches, chairs and the floor, sleeping off the tryptophan.
Bruce and I had to make our farewells so we could go home and cook another meal, YIKES!! The menu consisted of beef tenderloin, twice baked potatoes, banana pepper poppers, spaghetti squash, corn, lime salad and more croissants. I also cooked two racks of ribs earlier in the day to finish off on the grill because Brad is a rib aficionado as I am.
Blame the tryptophan or my age, I completely blew off the ribs, they were in the garage, our outdoor cooler and forgot to take the lime salad out of the fridge. As if we needed more food.
Brad and Jennifer came, toting 3 wine bottles, we proceeded to eat, again, drink and catch up on their busy lives. All too soon it was time to leave because Jennifer had to get up early to carry mail.
Bruce and I had an early date also, after all it was Black Friday, and from 6-8 AM you get a card for 20% off Bomgaars!! "What you need, when you need it!!"
We pulled in right at 6 and people were already leaving with their treasures.
An hour later......

....and three carts full to overflowing....

....we were ready to head home.

I'll put our aureomycin, dog and cat food, sunflower seeds, furnace filters, light bulbs, new dog bed in a bag, insulated coveralls, coffee pot and gloves up against your flat screen TV and tablets any day. We were exhausted and still had to unload and find a place for all this stuff when we got home. 
Sadie got an early Christmas present, a soft, heated bed pad.
It's good to be Queen.
After a dinner of leftovers, well, what do you know, ribs and lime salad, we have vegetated all afternoon.
All in all, I would say it was a very successful Thanksgiving and every evening Mother Nature is treating us to a spectacular sunset.
The word on the street is, she is also treating us to spectacular sunrises but I don't do them very often, I'll have to take their word for it.


  1. that Iowa sunset is perfect Julie! Just 'look at it'!!! thanks for sharing, FYI I'd have more than ONE burp after all those goodies.......CG