Sunday, October 27, 2013

View from the combine

Last week Bruce and I started on the corn at the Ehler's farm, so named after Verda who sold us this 80 acres several years ago. It's about 4 miles from home and the last field to do. I rode in the combine with Bruce while waiting to fill the first wagon and it's quite a different sight, you sit so high in the air.

Corn as far as you can see.

The combine mows down the rows effortlessly, taking off the ear and stripping it of the kernels.
"Gobble, gobble, gobble."
Occasionally the corn head chains need oiling, that is when I come in handy because it won't run if no one is in the seat, a safety feature. Lots of farmers were killed or maimed by those corn heads, they are unforgiving.
It was cold that morning!
We never get tired of seeing the flow of golden grain into the waiting wagon.
And they wait patiently for their load.
Late today Bruce sent me over to the Ehlers farm with the tractor with no brakes and a rake to get the stalks ready for him to bale. I drove slowly and arrived safely.
This was the neighbor's field while we were combining, today it was a hub of activity. I think they heard the forecast.
There were two big combines, at least three tractors, a double set of wagons, two huge grain carts, a straight truck and a semi and a pickup, most of them moving.
An SUV drove in, the doors opened and out piled a half dozen people, it was like the invasion of Normandy.
That field never stood a chance.

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