Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hauling Beans, Day 2.

Day two was very much an improvement as the new leg was open!! YEAH!! No waiting to dump, what an improvement!! The down side was, there was no time to read, the upside was, this tractor has a CD player so I listened to books on tape as I drove back and forth.

Bruce 'won' 2 bags of Champion beans, if he bought 2 bags, think everyone got that deal? We saw the dealer at the Clay Co Fair and Bruce asked if he was doing any weigh wagon comparisons to see how they yielded and Guy told him to call a day or so and he would be down.

There were two varieties of beans in this field so Bruce combined one and dumped it into the weigh wagon.


Guy takes a weight, moisture test and who knows what other calculations to come up with the bushels per acre.

Then the beans are run up into the waiting wagon. As you can see, his little spout doesn't reach very far into this big wagon so Bruce was up there pushing them back from the sides with his hands. I was in the tractor trying to gently pull forward to spread them out, I did not want to catapult Bruce out over the back.

It was hard, I was trying to see him, because with all the noise I couldn't hear Bruce, plus keep a foot on the brake because we were on a slope and the full wagon kept trying to roll everything backwards.
Luckily we all survived, I don't need this stress, just let me drive to town.
And the beans tested very good but they didn't beat the Fontanelle, Roger will be happy to hear that.


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  1. who knew?? all I ever knew was 'combining the beans' much goes into farming that this farmer's daughter is so very clueless about. I loved both parts of the saga, Julie - thanks again for putting the farming life into words plus great pictures!! See ya this weekend - dare I say it....SKOL!!! (can you hear the horn?!?!) love, CG