Thursday, October 24, 2013

A volunteer fireman's last call

Today Bruce and I went to the funeral of a neighbor, you could tell Jim was well loved by all by the packed church. He was 87 years old and had a good life up until the last few years so it was a celebration.

Two of his children spoke about their life with Jim as a father and it made me wish I could have known him better. He loved his family and his God and who could ask for more? Jim's son in law also spoke, it was a long service but the time flew by as we laughed together at all the stories.

Jim was a volunteer fireman for several years in our small town, at the end of the service, all current or former firemen were asked to stand and keep standing. The church grew very quiet and then we could hear a pager going off.

"This is Cherokee County emergency services with a final fire call for Jim Hughes. Thank you for a job well done and may you rest in peace."

Oh my, that made the tears flow.

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  1. Just reading this brought tears to my eyes......may he rest in peace.