Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Annual Viking Cousin's Weekend

Every fall Bruce and I head to sister, Carol's house in MN and meet the WI cousins, Dennis and Debbie for a Viking game. Bruce, Carol and Dennis go to the game while Tom, Debbie and I entertain ourselves.

Everyone showed up except the Vikings, we have no idea where they were Sunday.

Bruce and I headed out in good time on Sat, we were 40 miles from home when I discovered I had left my purse at home, guess I won't be doing any shopping, and arrived shortly after one. Carol and Tom treated us to a great meal at one of our favorite restaurants. Dennis and Deb got there around 5, just in time for a bowl of beef stew, lovingly made by Carol. This is a familiar sight when we are there, Carol is carrying on the Nielsen tradition of feeding people.


Even though it had only been a few hours since we last ate, put food in front of us and we will eat again!
Bruce and Dennis are letting supper settle while they watch TV and catch up.
Their little dog, Buster, YIKES! From this view he looks like a crazy dog!!
When we went to bed, I discovered I forgot my toothbrush, I must have that 'Sometimers Disease', sometimes I remember, sometimes I don't.
Sunday morning the Viking fans were up bright and early, all dressed in their purple and gold, charged up and ready to go to the dome to do battle!!
Tom and Buster with his beautiful morning glories.
Debbie chauffeured Tom and I go the nearby Goodwill store where we all came out with some treasures. Debbie kindly floated me a $12.00 loan. From there we went to a park and walked the trails, it was a lovely morning.
The colors are spectacular...
"How tall is that tree?"

This little cutie was having a good time on a big slide.
We had a good walk, stopped at McDonalds for ice cream and got back to the house in time to watch some of the game, ho hum.
The Viking fans returned.....
Carol fed us another great meal of pulled pork and party potatoes and the Lundell's took off for home. The rest of us were comfortable in our jammies and lounged in front of more football games on the TV, I read my book.
Carol sporting her face painting, the girls who do it every year even recognized her.
Monday morning Bruce and I got up early, said our goodbyes and headed NW to the cabin to shut it up for the winter. Just as we turned out of the street past Carol's, a bright yellow warning light came on and said "Left Rear Tire LOW!" Bruce groaned and pulled into the nearest station. But when he punched the pickup read out, all tires were fine. What The HEY??
He still put a little air in the tire anyway, drove out and turned toward Interstate 494 and somewhere along the way the pickup came to it's senses and the light went out.
It was a wet, dripping, cool day at the cabin, Bruce set to work blowing out water lines and putting anti-freeze in all the traps. I cleaned out the fridge, freezer and cupboards and hauled it to the pickup.
This maple tree is so gorgeous! I found a tiny sapling growing right by the cabin so I dug it up to plant at home.
Bruce was a little melancholy when it was time to go, actually he was a little cranky, but I know how much he loves going up there so I cut him some slack.
"Goodbye cabin."
"Goodbye, Cedar Lake, sniff, sob...."
And we were on our way home, I always love the road home.
Because at home is Zoe....

..and my beautiful Lady.
Really, who wouldn't want to go home???




  1. AAhh Julie, home IS where the heart is, isn't it??? we had a lovely time with you all, thanks to you and Deb for doing the work while I was at the game with the boys. yes you're right, who knew WHERE the Vikings went to that day?? We always have fun but still..............love ya, CG

  2. Love your fall color pictures and all the animals.

  3. LOVE the pictures, especially of the sad viking fans! :) I wish we were on the way to the cabin so we could have visits too!! :)