Saturday, October 19, 2013

Chet's fall from grace

This is Chet, the Speckled Sussex rooster who ruled the flock with an iron spur.

He became so aggressive with my crippled Lavender Orpington rooster, Romeo, I tried to rehome him with my sister and it didn't work out.
You can see the entire story on the post,'Romeo and Juliet'.
This is Larry Jr., a pint sized Serama rooster who has the bravado of a bald eagle, even though he barely reaches Chet's drumsticks.
They two have co-existed in the confines of the chicken coop, mainly I think Chet thought it was against his dignity to make an example of Larry Jr.
Somewhere along the way the pecking order was switched, I noticed Chet no longer threatened Romeo so he and his bride were free to move around the coop. Instead Chet was hanging back on the roosts until I opened the door and he was the first one out and headed for the outbuildings on the run.
I've found that whenever I'm outside, Chet hangs with me, he doesn't show any interest in the hens and they don't seem to even know he is alive. I finally saw Larry Jr. attack Chet one day in the scratch yard, Chet screeched and fled into the coop and up on the top roost.
"Geez, Chet, grow a pair!"
Today when I opened the coop, I found Chet hiding in a nest box!
"Honestly, Chet, you have completely embarrassed yourself this time!"


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