Monday, March 21, 2016

This is why I don't kiss my dogs on the lips

I had a boss at the P.O. who brought his dog, a Spuds McKenzie look-a-like, in one day while out walking him. He reached down, grabbed his nose, pulled it up and kissed him on the mouth! That is just plain WRONG!! Didn't he ever see his dog doing his personal grooming? It wasn't with a wash cloth and soap and water. (If I'd been his wife and seen that, those lips would never have touched mine.)

On the farm, the dogs lips touch a whole lot more disgusting things such as this muskrat that Murphy so proudly showed off. She did not want to give it up, it was the biggest rat she every caught!

Mollie with her prize rabbit.

Mollie investigating a dead raccoon that we found in the lean to when we pulled the bales of hay out to make room for new calves. 

And Mollie, once again, after a successful rat hunt.

The dead animals don't even begin to cover it, they like to sample the horse droppings. Those of you with both house dogs and cats know that litter boxes are not off limits. There is something about those little tootsie rolls that is irresistible to dogs. 

It reminds me of Katie, when she was just a toddler and bounced out of bed every morning to go with her dad to feed their pet steer. Katie called him 'Foo Moo', she loved Foo Moo. One morning, back at the house, Katie crawled back into bed with her mom, suddenly Dianne heard her say, "Can't kiss Foo Moo, Daddy says Foo Moo has dirty wips!"

Remember that if you are ever tempted to kiss your pet on the 'wips' - they are dirty!

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