Friday, March 25, 2016

Our snow is bigger than your snow!

I was really enjoying this view from the road as the dogs and I traveled back and forth from our house to the farm to hunt the dastardly rats.

This is the view we were greeted with yesterday, what a revolting development!!

Earlier in the week, our weatherman, Ben, gave his best forecast for the upcoming snow event, some models called for us to get 7 - 8 inches and he thought that was off the mark, more like 2 - 3. They were both wrong, we got 13 inches!!! YIKES!!

It is a heavy, wet snow....

....that stuck to everything....

....the chicken weather vane frozen in time.

The good thing about a late spring snowstorm is that it won't last long. After a morning cleaning yards and plowing paths, the chickens are once again out, tip toeing around the remaining snow. Ben says it will take about 5 - 7 days for this to melt. 

We hope it melts slowly so we don't see this again.

But we aren't holding our breath.


  1. Your title is correct, yours IS bigger than ours! You win (or lose),,we got maybe 3" along with ice, which is no fun. Hope you avoid the flooding. Hip boots instead of Easter dress?

  2. I saw on the national weather station that Sioux City had 17" so I knew you must have got hit too. But oh isn't it pretty?? Like frosting all over, so white and clean!! We barely got an inch, for which I am glad. Enough of the winter, our trees and lilacs have fat buds and I'm waiting for spring to come to stay. But - I DID enjoy seeing your pictures!! Hope the melting is only in your pictures!!