Monday, March 7, 2016

Things we learned while on vacation

1. We packed too many clothes - DUH!

2. Use bags that can be carried on to avoid the BAGGAGE FEES!! American Airlines got us for an addition $100!! It shouldn't be allowed!! Now we know why people were bringing rather large carry on's because then the airline would check them FREE from the boarding desk. I repeat - It shouldn't be allowed!! But now we know what to do the next time!

3. We can't choose our seat mate, other than each other. It wasn't a problem traveling between Omaha and Charleston because it was a two seater jet. Going to Jamaica from Charleston, each time a rather portly person walked down the aisle, checking seats, I held my breath. I could see myself squished by some overflowing body next to mine, Bruce had the window seat. But I lucked out, a little girl was the lucky winner of seat C and she didn't even use up her allotted space. She also seemed to be a seasoned flyer, she never grabbed my hand or knee when something unexpected happened, Bruce was not so lucky.

4. We can't choose our seat mate - 2 - On the way back I was not so lucky, no, it wasn't a seat overflow, it was the SNIFFER!! You know the one, they never carry a hankie, instead every few minutes he did a marathon sniffing to suck the offending mucus back into his head. For 3 hours!! Every so often he also investigated the contents of his nose and furtively wiped it on the seat. BUGGER  ALERT!! I wondered if there was a hazard sign I could slap on that seat when we departed to warn others of the condition. He was a nice enough guy but I had no desire to shake his hand when we parted company.

5. We can't choose our fellow travelers, on the way back to Omaha, our two seater jet did not allow for a seat mate but right behind me was the 'hyena', you know the one. The woman who finds everything hilarious and laughs loudly, she must have been a distant cousin to the hyena.

6. Our resort was an 'all inclusive' meaning the initial price covered all food and drink, except for the $100 bottle of champagne, if you were so inclined, we were not. So we ate and drank, copious amounts and by the last day neither of us were even hungry for breakfast. I felt as though I would never eat again - but by Saturday I had a change of heart.

7. Bruce was tickled when he learned the the greens fees at the golf course was included in our package. But then you have to rent your clubs - and rent your cart - and have a caddie - yada, yada, yada, $100 + later you have played a round of golf in Jamaica and no one even took a picture of it.

8. Don't spend all your time peering through the bottom of the glass bottomed boat or be prepared to suffer seasickness.

9. Be extra sure of the hardiness of your heart before going down the water slide. I was the first guinea pig to go, I have been on water slides but never one where I felt like I was breaking the sound barrier. I was too terrified to scream, instead I moaned and when Bruce heard it echoing back up the slide to him, he had serious qualms about going himself. When it spit him out into the pool, he understood perfectly.

10. It should be a no-brainer but use sunscreen early and often, early and OFTEN or suffer the consequences. Or do as Jean did, claimed the inside lounge under the lush tree that the sun could not penetrate.

11. We actually knew this but hadn't acted on it for 5 years, going where there is sun, sand and surf in the middle of a long midwest winter is good for the soul. We highly recommend it.

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  1. no pix of the expensive golfing?!?! made me laugh. You do write a good tale, my girl. So interesting to read your blogs, as you can tell by now I'm doing a marathon session.....that's what I get for napping around 8:00 to 8:45 pm. in the recliner, who knows when I'll go up to bed??